Vintage Jewelry Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you spend enough time collecting vintage jewelry, eventually it will begin to pile up.  Not only that, but over time, you’re going to find yourself not so much with pieces of jewelry, but with a lot of jewelry pieces.

Things break.  Earrings get lost, leaving you with one.  Stones fall out.  It happens.  While it would be nice if all of the antique or estate jewelry that I own is gold with genuine gemstones that was created by fine craftsmen, the truth is that most of it is costume jewelry, and over time, they fall apart.

So what do you do with a bunch of jewelry pieces?  Obviously, you could toss it out, and that’s likely what most people do.  On the other hand, there are always other options, and at this time of year, one of those options is to repurpose those jewelry pieces into something else.

Christmas ornaments.

jewelry chrsitmas ornamentYou’d be surprised at how many people have begun making Christmas ornaments out of vintage jewelry.   It requires some cleverness that’s a bit beyond my abilities (I’m not much of an artist,) but a number of people are creating some interesting and attractive ornaments for Christmas trees from vintage jewelry.

If you’re clever, you could certainly try it yourself.  Most of the parts you’ll need (besides the broken jewelry, of course) are available at just about any crafts store, or perhaps even at Wal-Mart.  Aside from hooks and things like that, you’ll likely need  a hot glue gun.  You’ll also need some sort of artistic ability.

If you’re like me, and you don’t have that ability, you can always just shop for such ornaments.  There are plenty of them for sale on either Etsy or eBay, and if you buy them there, you’ll be helping out some people who are likely just doing it to earn some extra cash.

It’s amazing to see how clever some people can be.  Sure, a lot of such jewelry is predictable in design – Santa Claus, Christmas trees and angels are the most common themes.  But other people come up with more interesting ideas.

The best part about reusing vintage jewelry to make Christmas tree ornaments is that it naturally sparkles, which will make it look all the better once it’s hanging on your tree.

If you’re looking for such jewelry, I can recommend a few places to look, including this store over at Etsy.

Of course, it’s always better if you do it yourself.  Got that glue gun handy?