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Looking for Vintage Earrings?

Finding vintage jewelry is easy.  Finding nice vintage jewelry can be difficult.  Finding affordable vintage jewelry can also be a problem.

It’s not hard to find older pieces, but sometimes they’re broken, or you’ll find one earring, but not a pair.  Or you’ll find something amazing, but the seller wants a fortune for it.

Or it’s just junk.  There is a lot of that out there, and wading through the junk is just part of the process of trying to find those amazing pieces that make the entire art of looking for vintage and antique jewelry worthwhile.

That’s why I was rather surprised to read an article recently about a shop on Instagram called Joya Shop.  Founder Emi Moore has several shops on Instagram offering vintage items, and this one was created to showcase her fondness for vintage jewelry.  She’s particularly fond of what she calls a “statement earring,” and it shows.

The earrings on the site are big, bold, and beautiful.  These are not earrings that are subtle; these are earrings that will immediately become the topic of conversation if you wear them in public.

She sources the pieces through a number of contacts she has in the antique shop industry, and she sells them exclusively via her account at Instagram.

The earrings are big and dramatic, but the prices are not.  Most of the examples I looked at were priced in the $40-$80 range.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that many of the pieces indicated that they had already been sold.

That’s the problem with finding older examples of anything.  You can often find them, but finding them in quantity?  That’s a different story, and it’s always a lot harder to do.

So far, she has listed but 57 items on the site, but her shop has 1000 followers to date.  If you’re interested in the exceptionally nice and striking offerings that she has for sale, I’d make a point of visiting her shop on a regular basis.

Otherwise, you’ll just be looking at photos of already-sold items.




Vintage Earrings Can Have a Downside

Statistically, nearly three quarters of American women have pierced ears today.  It’s pretty rare for a woman to have her ears pierced in adulthood, too, as most girls have them done while they’re in elementary school or perhaps when they’re in their early teens.

Pierced ears are so common that it’s relatively difficult to buy clip-on earrings anymore, though they’re somewhat easier to purchase online.clip on post earrings

That wasn’t always the case, though.  Back in the day, from the 1940s through the late 1970s, pierced ears were relatively rare.  Most women wore clip-ons instead.

That’s not necessarily bad; it’s just the way things were back then.  What it means today is that if you’re looking for vintage jewelry, and particularly if you’re looking for vintage earrings, you’re much more likely to encounter the clip-on variety than you are to find earrings for pierced ears.

A lot of women might instantly dismiss clip-ons, but there is no reason to pass on them.  While you can’t wear earrings for pierced ears if you don’t have holes in your lobes, anyone can wear clip-ons.  So why don’t more women wear them?

spring back earringsLargely because clip-ons have a reputation for being uncomfortable.  It’s true that some of them can hurt, especially if they’re of the type with the spring back.

On the other hand, those with an adjustable screw post are not only more comfortable, but they’re also adjustable.

One of the advantages of clip-on earrings is that you can wear bigger and heavier earrings than you can with pierced models.  Pierced earrings focus all of the weight on a single point, and particularly heaving earrings can not only be uncomfortable, but they can also cause a “drooping” effect that isn’t very attractive.

Clip-ons, particularly the spring variety, can distribute the weight over a larger amount of ear lobe, which results in a more attractive appearance.

While it’s true that you can technically have vintage earrings that were designed as clip-ons modified for pierced ears, there are some downsides to that:

  • It can be expensive.  You’ll have to pay a jeweler to do that, and the process may not be cost-effective for older costume jewelry.
  • Damage can result.  The jeweler will likely have to apply high heat to the earring to solder a new mounting post on them, and this can damage fragile older earrings.

A better idea is simply to learn to get comfortable wearing clip-on earrings.  If you like vintage jewelry, you’re going to encounter a lot of clip-ons, and if you wave your hand and unilaterally decide that you’re not going to wear anything not made for pierced ears, then you’re automatically declaring a whole bunch of attractive and affordable vintage earrings to be off limits.

Why limit yourself?  Find a pair of vintage clip-ons with screw-type posts and give them a try.  You can adjust them for comfort and wear them for short periods of time until you get more comfortable with them.  After that, you can try the spring-back variety.  They can be a bit more uncomfortable, but that can vary dramatically by style, as there were a number of different spring-back types.

Some work better than others and some are more comfortable than others.

If you like vintage jewelry, you’ll just have to accept that some of what you find isn’t going to be exactly the way you’d like it to be.  They’re still pretty pieces, however, and you’ll still look great wearing them.

Have fun!