Engagement Rings Aren’t Always About Diamonds

When you think about engagement rings, you probably think about diamonds.  OK, you might think about your husband, or your fiancee, or that hunky guy at the office that you wish would ask you out, but when it comes to the jewelry aspect of engagement rings, most people think about diamonds.

more than diamonds

There’s a reason for that – the diamond industry.  They’ve been working for the past 50 years to make sure that people everywhere automatically think “diamonds!” when they think about engagement rings.  I get it; they want to sell as many diamonds as possible.  There’s nothing wrong with that, either.  I like diamonds.  Most people do.  They’re pretty.  Actually, they’re gorgeous.

It might come as a surprise, however, to discover that diamonds haven’t always dominated the engagement ring market.  Prior to the big push to have diamonds rule the world in the 1960s, an engagement ring might have made use of diamonds, or it might have had rubies, or emeralds, or sapphires, or even a combination of several stones.

A diamond in the center with another type of stone surrounding it makes a lovely accent, and has the ability to actually draw more attention to the diamond itself.  You can have the diamond in the middle, with other stones surrounding it, or you can reverse that and ve another colorful stone in the center, surrounded by diamonds as a supporting cast.

Either way looks great.  Sure, it’s a throwback to the vintage days, but no one is going to notice that.  They’re going to notice that the ring looks terrific, and that the bride-to-be looks gorgeous.

I’ve even seen rings with black onyx and diamonds.  That sounds like an odd combination, but it sort of creates a “black and white” vibe that can look terrific, especially if you’re wearing black and white, or black, or white.

emeralds and diamondsOne advantage to buying rings that have different colored stones is that the might be less expensive than going all-diamond.  Diamonds are still the choice for engagement ring shoppers, there’s still more or less a monopoly on the market by DeBeers, and jewelers know that guys aren’t going to want to appear to be cheap when they’re shopping for a ring for their bride to be.

That being the case, and with less demand for rings with other colors of stones, you may be able to find a drop dead gorgeous engagement ring at a somewhat lower price than you might have to pay if you go with the herd and buy a ring of the all-diamond variety.

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring (or encouraging someone you know to shop for one for you,) you should give some thought to thinking outside the box when it comes to design and color.  Sure, there may be some pressure from family (hi, mom!) and friends to stick with the status quo, and at this point, diamonds are the status quo, but these days, more and more brides are taking a more unique approach to every aspect of their wedding, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same with the engagement ring itself.

In the end, the ring is about love and commitment.  If you’ve got that part down, you can get a ring, new or vintage, with any kind of stones that you like.

It will still be pretty.