Antique Jewelry Reimagined

In my last post, I wrote about repurposing vintage jewelry.  It’s fun to wear and collect older pieces, but sometimes they break, sometimes they lose parts and sometimes you just don’t want to wear them anymore, at least you don’t want to wear them as they are.

That’s why it can be fun and helpful to find other uses for them, and turn them into craft projects, household items, or even other jewelry.  That’s what’s happening in New York, where a woman by the name of Parmet Cook has built a business by reimagining vintage jewelry and turning it into new and interesting pieces.

eleanor stone nyc braceletThe pieces are essentially bracelets, or “cuffs,” as she calls them on her Website.  These fine leather cuffs are adjustable, so that one size fits pretty much everyone.  Then a vintage brooch is attached, and these brooches can slide on and off, so you could interchange them if you like.  The leather straps are handmade and are available in a variety of colors.

Ms. Cook spends a lot of time looking at estate sales and other sources of vintage jewelry to find pieces that have that certain look that will make them special once they’re mounted on her custom, one of a kind, cuffs.   Each piece is unique, so you’ll know that you’re not likely to encounter one just like it anywhere.

The pieces on her Website are attractive, and they are unique.  They’d look great with most casual wear, and a few pieces would also look good for an evening on the town.  They’re not inexpensive, however, as they’re priced in the $200-$600 range.  On the other hand, they’re all unique, attractive, and they do appear to be very well made.

You likely won’t find a large assortment of pieces at the site, however, as not everything Ms. Cook finds is suitable.  She’s always on the lookout for that piece that’s “just right,” and she’s not going to rush that.  She finds what she finds, when she finds it, and then, and only then, does it become a piece for sale on the site, which is called Eleanor Stone NYC.

eleanor stone nyc cuffIf you like original, one of a kind, attractive pieces that won’t look like anything else in your vintage jewelry collection, then you should take a look at the pieces on her site.

It started as a hobby for Ms. Cook, but after a while, she realized that she wanted something more and turned it into a business.  Like a lot of people who sell vintage items, she finds the search itself to be the part that’s the most fun.  “I’m looking for high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces,” she said.